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Mr. Langley will be the next Sheriff of Putnam County and I wish him well. I know we both agree that all the votes need to be counted and we both will respect the final tally. I am very proud of the positive, clean campaign that we conducted and, I believe our campaign upheld the honor and integrity of the office of Sheriff.


I am very proud of my hard-working and dedicated campaign team which worked with great heart throughout an incredibly long and tedious race. I thank them... and ask them to hold their heads up high and be proud of their efforts in support of the people of Putnam County, the Office of Sheriff and our great democracy.


I take this opportunity to thank my command staff, our leadership team, and all the hard-working men and women of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and Correctional Facility in working so hard in serving the people in helping keep Putnam County one of the safest counties in America. You are truly the best and it is been my great honor and privilege to serve as your leader for these past incredible 16 years. Your allegiance is not any one person, but is to our great Constitution and the people of Putnam County who we are honored to serve. I know you will continue in this same spirit under your new Sheriff.


I thank the people of Putnam County for giving me the privilege of serving you these past 16 years as your Sheriff. It has truly been one of the greatest honors and privileges of my entire life. I feel very honored and blessed to have dedicated my life in serving in two of the most noble professions , the United States Military and law-enforcement.


I thank my family, for their love and support. Tonight, I remember and thank my late parents, my brothers and sisters, my children, Christopher and Cherilynne, my grandchildren, and of course, my late wife, and the love of my life, My Lady Jane for supporting me, loving me, and allowing me to serve.


May God bless you all. May God bless Putnam County and May God continue to bless the United States of America.

Donald B. Smith
Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Putnam County Sheriff
P.O. Box 63
Carmel, N.Y. 10512


Keep Putnam County the Safest County in New York State for four more years ! 



Re-Elect " Our Sheriff " Don Smith

Click here for - A Message from Sheriff Don Smith 

A Proven Leader with Results getting all Law Enforcement working together as One Team and that has made Putnam County the Safest County in New York State from 2010 to Present.

Data Source: DCJS, Uniform Crime / Incident Based Reporting Systems - 2007 - 2016. Note this includes all the latest crime data by year available to date.





Tuesday, November 14, 2017 9:00 PM

Sheriff Don Smith - Thanks Putnam County for a great 19 plus years serving Putnam County Residents

Thursday, November 9, 2017 4:37 PM

The Man in the Arena - Thank you Putnam and Thank You Sheriff Don Smith

Thursday, November 9, 2017 1:00 PM

Absentee Ballots are expected to be counted within the next 7 days. We should know election results by the evening of Tuesday 11/14/2017

Supporters of Our Sheriff Don Smith,

Approximately 1,597 absentee ballots were requested and apparently over 1,100 received so far. All absentee ballots properly sent in to the Putnam County Board of Elections will be counted and we should know the election results on the evening of Tuesday November 14, 2017.

Thank you for all of your continued support, prayers and friendship in support of Our Sheriff Don Smith this year and over the past 16 years - Keeping Putnam County Safe!

May God Bless you all and your families and continue to Bless the United States of America.

Keep the Faith!

--- Friends of Don Smith

Monday, November 6, 2017 9:12 PM

This year there is only One Real Choice - Re-Elect Our Sheriff Don Smith

Nothing replaces - Proven Leadership, Proven Results and a Lifelong commitment to Public Service

This year there is only One real choice:

Re-Elect Our Sheriff Don Smith!

  • Sheriff Don Smith is the only candidate for Sheriff actually qualified to do the job. He has over 45 years of combined leadership experience in both Law Enforcement and the Military. Smith knows Putnam and knows how to Keep Putnam Safe - He actually has done the job well as your Sheriff the past 16 years.
  • Sheriff Smith is supported by his own Sheriff's Department - The Putnam County Sheriff's Department Police Benevolent Association in their first official endorsement ever - Supports Sheriff Don Smith for re-election this year and wants him to continue to serve the people of Putnam County as their trusted and supported leader.
  • Sheriff Don Smith has provided vision and leadership that has law enforcement and emergency services at the federal, state, regional and local levels working together, sharing resources, information, technology, and personnel to accomplish the unified mission of keeping us all safe each and every day.
  • Putnam County has been the Safest County in New York State for the past 7 years and the last 3 years has the lowest property crime rate, violent crime rate, and overall crime rate ever recorded in county history.
  • Sheriff Don Smith has received over a dozen of endorsements within the law enforcement community, labor organizations and community groups to date with more coming in daily. The opponent has none of this support and is a virtually unknown to many.
  • Under Sheriff Smith's Leadership overall Putnam County crime rate is down over 37% the past 10 years. Putnam County is currently ranked #1 in lowest overall crime rate, #1 in lowest Property Crime rate, and #1 in Violent Crime rate in New York State.
  • Sheriff Smith is providing strong leadership on reducing the country's drug epidemic in the county. His plan will significantly reduce the use of illegal drugs and its devastating effects on local families. He is working with all levels of government, law enforcement and the community to attack the drug problems in a multi faceted approach including arresting drug dealers, drug users, supporting education and rehabilitation, supporting the alternative drug courts and efforts to hold pharmaceutical companies and doctors accountable for the over prescribing of gate-way prescription drugs.
  • Sheriff Smith's opponent is unqualified, unfit to be elected to the position of Putnam County Sheriff, the top law enforcement position within Putnam County as he has No Law Enforcement or Military Leadership experience. In Fact, while in law enforcement over a decade ago, the opponent never supervised a single person and was never responsible for supervising others, creating policy or managing a budget. In short, Sheriff Smith's opponent does not posses the required knowledge, skills, abilities or experience to even apply for such a position.
  • Sheriff Smith is supported and trusted with numerous awards for his personal leadership and those given to his department by the FBI Academy Institute Association, Department of Homeland Security - ICE, New York State Sheriff's Association and others. He is well known and respected at the federal, state and local levels for his continuing work in Keeping Putnam County and America safe.
  • Sheriff Smith is a strong defender and protector the U.S. Constitution, the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms and allow people to defend themselves. He has an A+ NRA Rating and has the full support, trust and endorsement of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.
  • Sheriff Smith is a strong advocate against Sanctuary Cities and Counties, and has lobbied and sought additional funding and resources via grants and more funding at all levels of law enforcement to enforce national immigration laws, a strong border and strong sentencing and enforcement against criminal illegal aliens, reporting each and every one arrested to DHS ICE and cooperating with all levels of law enforcement to Keep us all safe.

Monday, November 6, 2017 8:24 AM

A Message From Our Sheriff Don Smith - Vote Tuesday !

Friends of Don Smith
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